We want to be a resource for growing wealth in the Black community.

The drone industry is currently at $14 billion and will grow to $23 billion by 2024. Starting a drone career is quite easy and affordable compared to jobs that require a four-year degree (minimum requirement - pay $150 to take the pilot exam). Yet only 6% of certified pilots in the U.S. are women, and Black women barely make a dent in that number.  

 At the heart of our story is a desire for community in a space we won't likely find one. The Black Women Drone (BWD) community is designed to do three things: affirm, educate, and connect. 

  • Affirm: BWD knows that Black women drone and are damn good at it. We are here!

  • Educate: We aim to curate resources to help women become certified pilots.

  • Connect: We are connecting Black women to each other, to resources, and to opportunities. 


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