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Founded by sisters, Mavis and Monica Gragg. Also Co-Founders of the Gragg Family Fund.

Black Women Drone was founded by two adventurous, entrepreneurial sisters who are not afraid to do things differently or to work in spaces where we stand out as "different". We embrace being extraordinary!

At the same time, we deeply value having a community that supports us to thrive and not be held back in spaces where we are extraordinary or different. During an annual family trip, Monica and Mavis shared their mutual curiosity about drones and opportunities in the drone industry.

Excited by this, we embarked on our journey. Very quickly we discovered that the droning industry is rapidly evolving and growing, but with extreme lack of gender and racial diversity. Knowing that community would be important to us as we move forward, we determined to build the community from the beginning- hence, Black Women Drone. 

About Us: About Us
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